An overview of the most popular activities in the Laurentides, including a visit to the Sentier des Cimes at Mont-Blanc.

There is a panoply of activities to do that allow us to enjoy the flamboyant scenery that the Laurentians offer us from the beginning of September.

The activities to do in the Laurentians during the autumn are numerous and include hiking in beautiful forest trails, observing the fall colors during car excursions, apple picking in orchards, visiting farmers' markets and maple groves, tasting local products, discovering picturesque villages, cycling on bike paths, fishing in lakes and rivers, visiting national parks, tasting ciders and local products, and relaxing in spas and wellness centers.

Sentier des Cimes at Mont-Blanc

The one I like the most during the fall is without a doubt the Sentier des Cimes at Mont-Blanc which offers us a breathtaking view of all the splendor of the Laurentians.

The treetop walkway is a tourist attraction, or a walkway built in the trees, offering visitors the opportunity to walk or move on suspended footbridges at different heights.

This allows them to discover the canopy of forests or natural areas in a unique and immersive way.

Treetop walkways can offer panoramic views, information about local fauna and flora, as well as educational experiences. 

It is a popular activity for nature enthusiasts and hiking lovers but also to discover a memorable experience for all your senses. In your Colors…Ready…GO !