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Why should you trust us to be Co-Hosts of your Property? A Co-hosting relationship means that we share the revenue generated; the landlord stands to receive a higher profit from a property that is well-managed. 

As professionals with an outsized performance in the STR business, we have things down to a science – from our dynamic pricing model to the impeccable upkeep we provide our properties, we have it all.

Since our inception, we have maintained a cap rate of over 20% – an exemplary performance for us & our business investors.Learn more about our processes & what makes us so successful.

Posh Properties
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April 21, 2024

A Leader in the Luxury Short-term Rental (STR) Industry with a Proven Track Record.

Founded in 2019, we currently manage over 50 properties in prime locations such as Mont-Tremblant, Quebec City, Charlevoix, and Montréal. Our property acquisition strategies include outright purchases, residential and commercial arbitrage, and co-hosting.

Over the past four years, we have consistently achieved cap rates above 20% on investments and over 4x returns on arbitrage rentals, with an average lifetime occupancy rate of approximately 80%.

The Divisions
of Posh Properties

The Pinnacle of Opulence

As a leader in luxury short-term rentals, we offer an unrivaled level of refinement and sophistication.

Affordable Luxury

Stylish, mid-range rentals that offer comfort and sophistication without breaking the bank.

Budget-friendly Rentals

Comfortable rentals in the heart of the city, with the same level of attentive service.

Where Luxury Meets Nature

Re-define camping with luxurious accommodations that connect guests with nature.

Van Life Exploration

The freedom of nomadic living, within the comforts of our specially-designed vans.

Small Boutique Hotels

Opulent hotels in the heart of the city,  with contactless self-serve option for enhanced peace-of-mind.

Find out more about our Divisions
& the full range of Services & Amenities.

Find out
more about our Divisions & the full range of Services & Amenities.

What makes us your best choice for Co-hosting?


Quality Control

We maintain high standards for cleanliness and amenities, ensuring positive reviews and repeat bookings. Our in-house inspectors check each property before and after each guest stays.


24/7 Guest Support

We provide round-the-clock support to guests, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable stay.


Home Maintenance

By putting your property on the short term market, you’ll be guaranteed regular upkeep. Benefit from full time cleaning & inspection after each visit, as well as seasonal maintenance (eg. snow removal.)



We believe transparency & communication are the key to trust, collaboration, and continuous improvement. And that benefits your bottom line.


We"re Experienced Superhosts

We’ve earned Superhost status on AirBnB for having clean units & for being responsible, attentive hosts. Specifically, we maintain a 4.8+ out of 5 rating, have less than 1% cancellation and have a 90%+ response rate.


Airbnb Rating




Response rate


Professional Photography
& Design Services

Our services include professional photos of your property to showcase your property in the best light.

Professional design services

Professional marketing material crafted by our in-house team lends an elevated presence to your property in the eyes of investors & renters alike.


Revenu Optimization

Managing a short term property is no simple task. You must have procedures, structure, systems and most importantly, you must be able to keep a high level of occupancy at the highest possible rates. And to achieve that, we have have financial structures & systems in place to maximize occupancy – at the highest possible rates.

This is what we call revenue optimization and we use the following to achieve it:

Distribution Platforms
Our tech stack


Smart and Dynamic Pricing

Posh Properties uses a three prong approach to pricing: AI, Manual Conditions and Minimum Revenue Model.

An example of the implementation of our tech stack, multiple distribution, pricing modeling and add-ons, Posh Properties increased occupancy to 62% and revenue by 34% during November 2022, historically the lowest producing month of the year.



Benefit from the incredible tech stack Posh Properties has in place that generates 79% in occupancy and 118.02% in Lifetime ROI.

Our pricing software and strategy alone typically increases revenue by 23% year over year.

While short term rentals generate daily cashflow at 3-4x normal monthly rents.

Posh Properties's performance vs. National Average



National Avg.



POSH Properties
Lifetime Occupancy


National Avg.
Cap Rate


POSH Properties
Cap Rate

POSH Properties'S Return on Investment (ROI)
















Financial Reporting

We provide detailed financial reports so you can easily track your rental income.


SEO Presence, Bookings & Guest Review Management

We utilise our SEO know-how to achieve maximum exposure for your properties. We handle all bookings-related questions, cancellation and client communications, including reviews – ensuring client satisfaction as well as solid reputation for our service.


We Vet our Guests

We carefully vet our guests and only accept guests who we know will treat each home with kindness and respect.

Each home is also equipped with smart locks, noise & smoke monitors to keep us aware of things in real time, while respecting the privacy of our guests.


Your Full-Service Turnkey Solution

We know this industry inside-out. From our tech-savvy know-how to our understanding of local laws, once you get to know us, you will see we are indispensable.

Household tasks

Property Setup, Photography, Reservation Management, Check-in / Checkout, Online Listings Setup & Optimization, Customer Service, Accounting, Payment & Reporting.

Tax, Legal, Insurance

Knowledge of real estate & tax laws, requirements and reporting rules; great relationship with insurance companies for that extra coverage and security

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