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When you need us, however you need us. We make managing your properties easy.

With our years of experience in the short-term rental industry, we know all the tips, tricks and industry standards that will make your job as a property owner much easier and ensure guest satisfaction is at its highest.

More importantly, your revenue will be optimized and maximized.

What is Residential Arbitrage?

The company rents the unit for a slightly higher market rate and is responsible for all costs related to the operations, marketing, maintenance and furnishing. Posh Properties takes the investment risk as well as guarantees rent no matter the outcome but keeps 100% of the profits.

We know, we know – STR have gotten a bad reputation for the crazy parties, unbelievable damages and bad hosts. But, give us a moment of your time and you will find several reasons why you should trust us.

Why Choose
Posh Properties?


We"re Experienced Superhosts

We’ve earned Superhost status on AirBnB for having clean units & for being responsible, attentive hosts. Specifically, we maintain a 4.8+ out of 5 rating, have less than 1% cancellation and have a 90%+ response rate.


Airbnb Rating




Response rate


This is a Real Business for Us

This is not something we do just for some extra spending money. We know what it means to own businesses, and will treat your property the same way – with respect, responsibility and efficiency.

Work with a proven operator not only managing your property – but improving its value.


Constant Cashflow

How many times have you had to worry if your tenant was going to pay rent or not each month?

Short term rentals generate daily cashflow at 3-4x normal monthly rents.

Sit back and relax, we’ll do all the heavy lifting and make sure you maximize your profits each month with the above market rent we provide.

historical Average Rental Returns for 1-bedroom Properties




Québec City


Posh Avg




















Home Maintenance

By putting your property on the short term market, you’ll be guaranteed regular upkeep. Benefit from full time cleaning & inspection after each visit, as well as seasonal maintenance (eg. snow removal.)


Your Full-Service Turnkey Solution

We know this industry inside-out. From our tech-savvy know-how to our understanding of local laws, once you get to know us, you will see we are indispensable.

Household tasks

Property Setup, Photography, Reservation Management, Check-in / Checkout, Online Listings Setup & Optimization, Customer Service, Accounting, Payment & Reporting.

Tax, Legal, Insurance

Knowledge of real estate & tax laws, requirements and reporting rules; great relationship with insurance companies for that extra coverage and security.

Arbitrage Advantages

Increased Profitability

• Above Market Rents
• Yearly Rent Increases
• Reduced Vacancy and Agent Fees
• All utilities and management costs are paid for

Property Security

• State of the art digital locks with automatic code changes
• Security camera system
• Ring doorbells
• Constant monitoring

Property Upgrades

• Light renovations
• Fresh paint
• New amenities

Property Valuation Increase

• Renovations
• Increased revenue

Property Maintenance

• Full time cleaning team
• On call maintenance team
• Major seasonal cleans
• Landscaping
• Snow removal

Limited Wear and Tear

• Short-term guests treat property better than long term tenants
• Security deposit, credit card holds and rental agreements in place
• Consistent surveillance and inspections

Professional Management

• Full time management team
• Full time cleaning team
• Full time maintenance team
• Impressive tech stack
• Turn key solution with zero risk

Expanded Insurance

• 2m property insurance
• 5m liability insurance on management company

No Tenant Board

• No need to deal with problematic tenants and the tenant board

Time Saving & Reduced Stress

• No management whatsoever for the Landlord

Expertise and Experience

• Proven company with proven track record

Tenant Screening

• Extensive security checks for all guests
• ID verification
• Rental agreement
• Security deposit
• Credit card pre-authorizations

Legal Compliance

• Thorough understand of the rules and regulations
• Permits are in place

Emergency Management

• Management team in place to respond to any emergency, alleviating that task from you

The Deal

• Multi year lease
• Guaranteed above market value rent
• 3% annual rent increase
• 2m insurance liability policy on the property
• 5m insurance liability policy on the operator (Posh Properties)
• We pay for all utilities and services to the unit
• We cover maintenance and repairs of the property (not common areas)
• We pay for parking space if available
• We pay for the digital locks and camera security system


Reach out and we’ll be glad to assist you in making your property management easy, effective, effortless and most importantly, profitable.

No hidden fees

No long-term contracts

Secure and guaranteed monthly rent above market value

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