The Great White North – sounds catchy but sadly, Canada is often overlooked. However, Canada truly is a place with something for everyone.

The Great White North – sounds catchy but sadly, Canada is often overlooked by travellers for destinations that have a little more sparkle. 

Now, because of its massive size, Canada is vastly different from one side to the other meaning that you’ll find the right destination for your trip! 

Nature Lovers – you’re in luck! Canada has multiple destinations that are perfectly suited for the outdoor adventure seeker. Head to BC and Banff for the Rocky Mountains, Vancouver Island for sandy beaches, surfing and more camping and of course, Whistler for hiking and skiing. But wait, there is more! 

Head up north to the North West Territories and the Yukon to explore untouched forests and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the Northern lights. To the west, in Quebec, you have the Laurentians that are home to the beautiful fall foliage, Mont-Tremblant for world class skiing and golf as well as many hiking trails, the great lakes for fishing and camping. 

City Seekers – Of course, Toronto has become a world class city and it’s a must-see on our list! Head to Toronto for some of the best food, art, nightlife and tourism scene in Canada. Next up, we highly recommend giving Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Quebec City a visit for a bit more culture. 

Boxcar Social, Toronto

Foodies – With Michelin finally arriving to Canada this past year, we high recommended visiting Toronto and Vancouver for Michelin Star dining. Don’t forget to check out Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa for thriving food scenes, most of which are made up of local ingredients too!

Beach Vacations – Would it surprise you if we told you Vancouver has palm trees? Yep! Head to Vancouver and Vancouver Island for a relaxing vacation on the beach, there are dozens and dozens for you to choose from. Alternatively, there is the other side of Canada – the East Coast is home to many beach towns where you can catch your dinner on a daily basis; give Prince Edward Island, Newfound Land and New Brunswick a try. 

Cover photo of Toronto by Andre Furtado, Photo of Banff by Sasha Prasastika, Photo of Boxcar Social by Olivier Guillard on Unsplash, Photo of Baddeck by Olivier Guillard on Unsplash.