Some of Michael’s top picks for unforgettable dining experiences across the globe – part one.

Before being CEO of Posh Properties and still today in his current position, Michael has not only traversed the globe for business but also indulged in culinary adventures at some of the world's most renowned restaurants. From haute cuisine in Europe to iconic dining spots in North America, here is part 1, just a small taste of the many restaurants he has visited, of Michael’s top picks for unforgettable dining experiences across the globe.

Georges Restaurant


317 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G4, Canada  
Website: Georges Restaurant

Since opening in 2003, GEORGE Restaurant has established its place as an acclaimed culinary destination, and is known today as one of the best fine dining experiences in the country. Led by Executive Chef Lorenzo Loseto, GEORGE has recently been included in Canada's first installment of the Michelin Guide.

George holds a special place in Michael's heart as it is where he took his now wife for their first ever romantic dinner after moving in together 10 years ago. Celebrating their relationship and her birthday by indulging in a meal that they could not afford. No Regrets!!

José Carlos García


Puerto de Málaga, Plaza de la Capilla, 1, 29016 Málaga, Spain  
Website: José Carlos García

Located on Málaga's bustling waterfront, José Carlos García offers a Michelin-starred dining experience that captures the essence of Andalusian cuisine with a contemporary twist. The restaurant's design allows diners to view the kitchen, adding an element of culinary theater.

This was Michael's first Michelin starred restaurant when he and his Wife embarked on their 4 year travels around the world. 23 courses of pure ecstasy that triggered a pursuit for perfection in the culinary arts. It was the first of what is now over 100 Michelin Stars collected.

Martin Berasategui

San Sebastián

Loidi Kalea, 4, 20160 Lasarte-Oria, Gipuzkoa, Spain  
Website: Martin Berasategui

This eponymous restaurant by the celebrated chef Martin Berasategui holds three Michelin stars and is a must-visit for anyone traveling to San Sebastián. Known for its refined Basque cuisine, the restaurant offers an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

This was Michael's first ever 3 Michelin Star restaurant as well as the first top 50 restaurants on the Best 50 List.

The difference between 1 star and 3 star is the difference between professional athletes and talented teenagers. The experience was simply unforgettable.
Martin Berasategui


San Sebastián

Av. Alcalde José Elosegi, 273, 20015 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain
Website: Arzak
Huevo Espacial

Another culinary gem in San Sebastián, Arzak is an institution that has helped define modern Basque cuisine. Under the guidance of Chef Juan Mari Arzak and his daughter Elena, the restaurant has maintained its three Michelin stars for decades.

Absolute legends and masters of Hospitality, Michael and his wife had the pleasure of meeting both Chef Juan Mari Arzak and Elena during this incredible experience that not only featured dozens of courses and pairings but a complete tour of the restaurant, kitchen, lab, pantry  bigger than his first condo and incredible wine cellar. Michael actually held a bottle of wine from the middle ages, truly incredible the history and culture that is housed in that beautiful establishment.



Website: Nobu Restaurant
Nobu Miami
With locations across the globe, Nobu is synonymous with top-tier Japanese cuisine. Known for its luxurious ambiance and signature dishes like Black Cod Miso, Nobu continues to set the standard for modern Japanese cuisine.
Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Michael visited his first Nobu in London while only 22 years old, his first ever extravagant dinner.  It has since become a staple of his with his wife as a goto restaurant during their travels.  They have visited over 10 Nobu's around the world.



Metropolitan Club Doumani Street, Trabaud, Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon
Website: Liza Beirut

Set in a beautifully restored Lebanese mansion, Liza offers a stylish dining experience where the decor and dishes tell stories of Lebanese elegance and culinary heritage.

The hospitality was absolutely exquisite and Mezze food does not get the recognition it deserves.  One of Michael's wishes is that Beirut can return to being the Paris of the Middle East!  A true gem.

Flora Farms

Cabo San Lucas

Las Ánimas Bajas, San José del Cabo, B.C.S., Mexico
Website: Flora Farms

Flora Farms is an organic farm and restaurant in Cabo that offers a rustic yet elegant dining experience. The farm-to-table concept is beautifully executed, with most ingredients sourced directly from their gardens.

A favourite of Michael and his Wife in Cabo. They bring all their friends and visitors there for an absolutely amazing experience and delicious food. Arrive early and visit the grounds.


Mexico City

Av. Isaac Newton 55, Polanco, Polanco IV Secc, 11560 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico  
Website: Quintonil

Quintonil stands out in Mexico City's vibrant culinary scene with its focus on contemporary Mexican cuisine. Chef Jorge Vallejo creates dishes that are deeply rooted in Mexican flavors and traditions but presented with modern finesse.

One of the two restaurants tied for Michaels top pick in Mexico City – look for part 2 to find out the other. Having eaten there multiple times, it does not cease to amaze. Ask for the Mexican Caviar!

Sexy Fish


Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BR, United Kingdom  
Website: Sexy Fish
In the heart of Mayfair, Sexy Fish offers an Asian-inspired menu with a focus on seafood. The decor is as flamboyant as the food is refined, with art pieces that add to the glamorous vibe of the restaurant.

Berkeley Square is a favourite spot for Michael in London, home to tons of amazing restaurants, clubs and bars. Sexy Fish does not disappoint and is always a good option to have a more intense night out. Everything about it is EXTRA.

St John’s


26 St John St, Barbican, London EC1M 4AY, United Kingdom  
Website: St John

Famed for pioneering "nose-to-tail" eating, St John champions British culinary traditions with a menu that embraces every part of the animal, served in a minimalistic yet warmly inviting setting.

The anti-Michelin Michelin restaurant, a true British Gem. It should be a UNESCO site of culture and heritage.  

Absolutely worth going for amazing food without the Frou Frou!

Gordon Ramsay

London + Gordon Ramsay at The Savoy, London

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay: 68 Royal Hospital Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 4HP, United Kingdom  
Savoy Grill: Savoy Hotel, Strand, London WC2R 0EU, United Kingdom  
Websites:  Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Savoy Grill

Everyone knows Gordon Ramsay and his flamboyant attitude but few have the chance to actually see if he's all bark or if his food stands out.  Michael has had the chance to eat at all of Gordon's restaurants in London and he mentions both here due to the story behind it.

Michael and his wife typically fly to London for his birthday for 4 days and they enjoy their favourite restaurants.  On the first occasion of this tradition, they had the absolute honor to eat at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay on Hospital road. It was flawless but his wife had never had a Beef Wellington – a dish made famous by Chef Ramsay before and was a bit sad that it was not offered at this restaurant. 

Gordon Ramsay at The Savoy

The Maitre D overheard us and came back a few minutes later mentioning that since they could not offer us a beef wellington that evening, he had made arrangements for the Savoy Grill – another Gordon Ramsay restaurant to open early just for us the next day – because they were fully booked to have the famous beef wellington – compliments of Chef Ramsay.  

The next day, they had the chance to eat at the Savoy Grill, alone in this HISTORIC restaurant being served Beef Wellington.

Dinner by Blumenthal


66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA, United Kingdom  
Website: Dinner by Blumenthal

At Dinner, celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal takes diners on a historical gastronomic journey with a menu inspired by British culinary history. Known for its innovative dishes, the restaurant offers a unique blend of the historical and the contemporary.

A great chance to eat at a Michelin Restaurant without a tasting menu and choosing reimagined dishes from history.  This restaurant left a mark by its quality of service, food, ambiance, decor and most especially, its creativity.


Michael's culinary journey through these world-class restaurants highlights his passion not only for hospitality and real estate but for exploring diverse cultures and cuisines. Each restaurant offers a unique insight into the flavors and traditions of its locale, making each meal a memorable part of his global travels. Whether you are a food lover or a travel enthusiast, these dining destinations promise culinary experiences that are sure to inspire and delight.

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