Avalanche Culture Plein Air is the place where dreams of escape come to life, and every moment spent here is an ode to communion with nature.

Avalanche Culture Plein Air is much more than just a recreational spot in the Laurentians.

It is a true sanctuary for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Nestled in the heart of breathtaking landscapes, this center embodies a philosophy where the outdoors becomes a way of life.

Accessible in all four seasons, their mountain trails are designed and marked to offer you a safe and memorable experience.

In the summer, you can explore their trails by hiking or mountain biking.

In the winter, enjoy their trails for snowshoeing, classic or Nordic cross-country skiing, alpine touring, and snow biking.

They also offer equipment rentals to make your life easier! The trails are open every day.


1672 Village Road (opposite the BMR)



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